PET CULL Cats and dogs abandoned in Wuhan at the start of coronavirus outbreak now starving or being killed off

Community officers in cities across China then reportedly knocked on doors and ordered residents to give up their pets before slaughtering them.

Other pets found abandoned in homes were also then apparently killed off.


One distressing video shared by Nanchong Missing Animal Aid Group showed a number of bloodied dogs, believed to be dead, lying in the back of the truck.

In another video, shared by an animal activist, one officer is seen wearing a face mask next to a lifeless dog.

The activist condemned the video on Weibo saying: “top slaughtering pets in the midst of the epidemic. Enforce law in a civilized way.”

There have also been reports of pet owners chucking their cats and dogs out of tower blocks following the unproven claims the virus being passed on by animals.


Five cats were also thrown to death in Shanghai, with locals apparently saying they were pets as they had smooth and clean fur, say unconfirmed reports.

One dog was found dead after allegedly being thrown from one block of flats in Tianjin City in Hebei Province.

Local media stated the pooch was thrown from the upper floors of a tower block at 4 am and smashed into the sunroof of a car before ending up on the ground.

Reports state the noise of the dog hitting the car woke sleeping locals as it sounded like a tyre explosion.


Sickened families then found the poor pet lying dead on the ground with its blood staining surrounding bricks.