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18-Year-Old Blind Dachshund Dumped At Shelter Clings To The First Person Who Makes Her Feel Safe

Muneca, an 18-year-old blind Dachshund, was surrendered to an animal shelter, leaving her alone and terrified. Now, she didn’t have a home, her vision, or someone to love her.

A volunteer named Elaine Seamans went to the Baldwin Park Animal Care Center in Los Angeles to visit Muneca and was the first person to really show her love. Muneca leaped right into her arms and clung to her, never wanting to be put down.

Photographer John Hwang was on his way to a photography shoot when he saw Seamans and Muneca. He snapped a picture of them, which was eventually posted online and went viral. The photograph showed Seamans holding Muneca in her arms, with Muneca clinging tightly to her.

They wanted whoever saw the picture to feel a connection to it, and to feel the same way Seamans did. And it worked. A rescue group called the Frosted Faces Foundation saw the photo and wanted to get Muneca out of the shelter immediately. They took her at the veterinarian and then placed her into a foster home.


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