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New California Bill Seeks To Give Abused Animals A Voice In Court

new California bill put forward by Assemblymember Adrin Nazarian (D, Van Nuys) called Riley’s Law would allow judges the ability to appoint in courtroom advocates as representatives of abused animals to represent their interests in criminal animal proceedings.

Assembly Bill AB 2645 would appoint advocates comprised of pro bono attorneys or carefully supervised students in law school.

Animal Hope in Legislation and Animal Legal Defense Fund have sponsored the new bill and both organizations have an incredible success rate.

The new proposed law (Riley’s Law) is named after a dog that went through truly horrifying and despicable abuse as a helpless little puppy. He was found with acid burns throughout his face and body with a broken jaw.

Riley required intensive rehabilitation thanks to The Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation a San Fernando Valley-based dog rescue whose patience and dedication allowed Riley to not only get well but to be adopted out to a loving forever family.

“As a rescuer, I have seen some of the most horrific acts of violence against dogs and cats, animals we call our family members,” said Marc Ching, Founder of Animal Hope in Legislation and Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation. 

“When it comes to such cases, these animals deserve a voice that would speak on their behalf. Riley’s Law would do just that.”


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