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Man Sentenced To 28 Years In Prison For Torturing Dogs

For the next 28 years, Jason Brown, a Reno Nevada man will spend his life in prison paying for his despicable actions. The seven counts of animal torture he has been charged with will be making sure of that.

Brown was guided into the courtroom wearing a bulletproof vest and handcuffed for his own safety far more than anyone else’s considering the emotionally charged nature of this case. The people of Reno and everywhere else are outraged, and rightfully so.

Elliot Sattler the judge overseeing this horrendous case said that in all the years he’s sat on the bench he has never seen a case anywhere close to this.

He made strong comparisons to illicit child images and videos where a helpless and innocent victim has acts of cruelty brutally and sadistically committed on them. He was referencing the videotapes Jason Brown had made while committing these evil acts.

Chris Hicks the Washoe County District Attorney reflected Judge Sattler’s statements saying:

“When you get to the level of those videos that he made, he made to reveal himself,” Hicks said. “It takes it to a whole other level. And, so, you hate to think that there are these kinds of people in the world, but there are.”


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