Lively Husky Gets Distracted During Agility Course, Elects To Have Fun Instead

Dog agility is a sport where you direct your dog through an obstacle course within a certain time limit. The dogs practice and train to master these obstacles such as tunnels, weave poles, seesaws, tire jumps, and more.

While the courses focus on speed and accuracy, one dog decided to take his sweet time at the 2020 Westminster Dog Show.

Lobo the Siberian Husky goes off-script during his turn and decides that it should be about having fun.

He clears the first pole with ease, which makes you think he’s going to ace the course, but then he quickly gets sidetracked and runs off course.

His handler is able to quickly get him back on track, but then he decides to completely ignore the weave poles and only goes through one of them. But when his handler tells him to go back to the weave poles, he completely nails it.

But then once again, Lobo gets sidetracked. He sprints over to the sidelines and even jumps up to try and steal a woman’s personal belongings. At this point, Lobo just wants to do what he wants on his own time.

He clears some more poles with ease, but is still very distracted. He does, however, end up finishing the course, but of course has plenty of ‘faults’ on his scorecards.