Young Boy Comforts His Dying Dog: “I Want To Hold Her When She Goes To Heaven”

Maria Henry Gay and her husband, Charles, adopted their son, Robbie, from the foster care system after he suffered years of severe abuse and neglect.

Robbie and his parents love dogs, and have always adopted seniors.

Older children in the foster care system are comparable to senior dogs in shelters.

“If all you guys had wanted was a baby, you would have never gotten me,” Robbie told his mom. He is sadly aware that the longer a child remains in foster care, the less likely they are to be adopted. This can also be said for elderly shelter dogs who are often overlooked because of their age.

For this reason, the Gay family appreciates senior dogs and opens their hearts and home to them.

Buffy was scheduled to have her teeth cleaned, but the vet wanted to have lab-work done before putting her under anesthesia, since she was an older dog.

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