Top 10 Sick Dog Symptoms Not To Be Missed

4. Dietary Changes — While not every alteration in a dog’s eating behavior means illness (it can simply mean the dog’s taste preference has changed), there are sick dog symptoms to look for, especially a dog not eating.

5. Itching and Scratching — A dog itching and scratching can come from both parasites, or illnesses that cause skin irritation or infection.

6. Discharge — It is important to observe any and all discharge coming from a dog’s eyes, ears, or nose. Discolored discharge can indicate sickness many owners fail to notice.

7. Odor Changes — A recognizable change in a dog’s breath can be an early warning of dental or internal problems. Also take note of unusual odors from the ears, anus, or skin, as each can point toward various illnesses.

8. Vomiting — An obvious indicator for dog illness diagnosis, vomiting can occur from infection or when a dog has ingested something poisonous.

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